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16 22 Apr @ 2:14am 
måll gräb on fr in bk
16 19 Apr @ 11:32am 
fab: hey dud should i keep the HEV-Suit on ?

keb: yea i mean...keep the HIV-Suit on man
16 15 Apr @ 1:57am 

16 29 Mar @ 4:15am 
fuck bitcoin
fuck litecoin
fuck gas
fuck etherium
fuck vchain
fuck bitchcoin
16 21 Mar @ 9:50am 
This distribution includes source for a test program executable (ringbuf-test.c), which runs extensive unit tests on the ringbuf implementation. On most platforms (other than Windows, which is not supported), you should be able to type ‘make’ to run the unit tests. Note that the Makefile uses the clang C compiler by default, but also has support for gcc – just edit the Makefile so that it uses gcc instead of clang.
16 16 Mar @ 3:15am 
She said do u love me
I tell her only partly
I only love my bed and my waifu I'm sorry >w<