New Jersey, United States
xD I won't be VAC'ed or OW'ed so R>I>P you're rank.
Bhop GOD and Scream's DADDY!

In Game INFO:
SENS: 400 DPI and 2.5 IGS
VIEWMODEL: x- 2.5,y- -2, z- -2
RESOLUTION: 4:3 streched and 1280 x 1024

Hardware INFO:
CPU: i7-6700k
GPU: GTX 1080
KEYBOARD: Razer 2016 Blackwidow
MOUSE: Zowie FK2

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ㅉ ЙёЪula 24 Jun @ 4:48am 
-rep cheating nigger
4 Mar @ 7:15pm 
Hacks? Nah just
G A M E S E N S E with low hours like me
Fakeeeee- sike! 4 Mar @ 6:54pm 
+rep goes hard af so no fuk with him 10/10 would play bro
KreeZis007 3 Mar @ 12:46pm 
-rep, actually cheating) little kid that cant play a shit, reportbotted.
Stupid Fucking Weaboo 27 Feb @ 8:14pm 
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Tolerant Triangle 22 Feb @ 2:52pm 
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